Twice in a Lifetime: 'She needs some fun after her husband ran off with Tanja Tart'

Updated: Jan 18

Welcome to author Helga Jensen who has dropped by the Tequila Mockingbird to give us the lowdown on her characters from Twice in a Lifetime.

While we're waiting for your guests to arrive, Helga, can you tell us a little about your book?

Twice in a Lifetime is the story of Amelia, an ordinary mother whose life is turned upside down by her divorce. By day she tries to be the best mother she can, but when the kids have gone to bed, she turns to Nutella and Pinot Grigio.

Amelia needs some magic back in her life. So, when she finds the phone number given to her twenty years ago by a handsome stranger in New York, Amelia wonders whether he might be The One That Got Away.

Amelia’s friend, Sian, has a habit of getting carried away, so she decides to launch a worldwide hunt to find the handsome stranger Amelia met outside Tiffany’s two decades ago. Amelia finds herself on a flight to the Big Apple to reconnect with her ‘Perfect Patrick’. But is he really the one for her? Or is there someone much closer to home?

Who will you be inviting for a cocktail, and why?

It would have to be Amelia from Twice in a Lifetime. She needs some fun in her life after her husband ran off with his university cohort from the past, Tanja Tart. Amelia definitely deserves a cocktail or two after his shenanigans.

What will they be wearing?

Amelia will probably struggle to find anything that fits after her binge with Nutella and all things nice following her divorce. However, she might pull out all the stops and wear her ‘dress of hope,’ the sleek little black number she found in the sale when she decided to pick herself up and jet off to New York to meet a very handsome stranger. She would need to buy new tummy control underwear first, though, after she had to cut the last ones off with scissors one wild night in New York.

What will they order off the cocktail menu?

As she found herself quite partial to a Manhattan whilst in New York, I am pretty sure she would order one of those. Although once she got the taste for them, one definitely wouldn’t be enough.

How will they react if the waiter spills their cocktail over them?

Amelia would probably blame herself and apologise to him, thinking it was her fault for putting her foot in the way or something. She would then help him clear it all up and make sure he was okay. She would pray her ‘dress of hope’ wasn’t stained, though. It’s very special to her.


What can they tell you that will make you stay for a second drink?

She would begin to tell me the story of how she found a handsome New Yorker’s telephone number in an old suitcase in the attic. She would tell me how she met him outside Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue 20 years before and how she was debating whether to track him down. Once she starts her story of this enchanting stranger, we would probably be having a third and fourth cocktail.

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Meet Helga

Helga Jensen is a freelance journalist and award-winning author. In 2020 Helga secured a two-book publishing contract with Hera books. Twice in a Lifetime, her debut, was published digitally in June 2021, with the paperback due out in January 2022. Helga’s second novel is due out in June 2022. Helga is a former airline stewardess and of Danish/Welsh parentage. She holds a BA Hons in English Literature and Creative Writing, along with a Creative Writing MA from Bath Spa University.

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