Her Final Victim: 'After learning her secret, I know she’d almost certainly want to get rid of me.'

Her Final Victim by NJ Moss

While we're waiting for your guest to arrive, Nathan, can you tell us a little about your book and who you'll be sharing a cocktail with today?

My book is called Her Final Victim. It’s a domestic thriller with a serial-killer twist. Millicent Maidstone has selected Jamie as her final victim, for reasons that don’t become clear until the end of the book. Jamie is a high-flying executive with the perfect marriage, and his wife Hazel also becomes a special object of interest for Millicent. The book is about obsession, childhood, social media addiction, psychopathy, nature versus nurture, with twist galore. I am choosing Millicent as my guest. Who will you be inviting for a cocktail, and why? I will be inviting Millicent Maidstone, mainly because she can be so much fun (when she chooses). Even if Millicent sometimes gets this dark look in her eyes – like she wants to kill everybody in the room, which she probably does – she really can be the life and soul of the party. I just hope she’s in a good mood. What will they be wearing? Millicent’s signature colour is black, and she always pays special care to her appearance. How else is she supposed to trick people into believing she’s glamorous and harmless and, most importantly of all, not a serial killer on a maniacal mission? She will be wearing a black glittery dress, with elegant studded black earrings, her hair combed neatly, with matching black heels. What will they order off the cocktail menu? Millicent is always careful not to drink, because she’s worried she’ll reveal her true nature. But she’s also aware – like any good psychopath – that part of blending in is doing what everybody else does. So she’ll order the same thing as her drinking buddies… but she won’t take a single sip. She’ll pour it away when she gets the chance, or switch the glasses, and coldly assess everybody as they get drunk and she remains sober. How will they react if the waiter spills their cocktail over them? This is an interesting question, because Millicent is a killer, and would think nothing of grabbing the nearest sharp object and slitting the man’s throat. But she also likes to get away with her crimes – until she chooses her final victim, that is – so she will probably laugh it off. She’ll tell the waiter it’s no big deal. If the waiter graciously responds, perhaps she’ll forget about it. But if he gives her any attitude, implies in any way it was her fault, she might get angry. Really angry. And when that happens, who knows what could happen to the poor waiter? Maybe she won’t kill him. Maybe she’ll follow him home, stalk him, find some dirt on him and use it as a weapon. Or maybe she’ll just seize her chance and let her inner beast out: the real Millicent behind her civilised mask. With Millie, you never really know. What can they tell you that will make you stay for a second drink? Millicent is a writer so I’m sure we could find some common ground there, but she’d never tell me the stuff I’d really want to know about: her serial killing past, her upbringing in a cult, the inner animal she skilfully hides from everybody else. If Millicent did start telling me about her murderous ways, I’d jump out of my seat and get out of there as quickly as possible… because, after learning her secret, I know she’d almost certainly want to get rid of me.

Her Final Victim by NJ Moss

Published September 2021, Bloodhound Books

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