Conspiracy of Cats: 'Peter will tell you that he’s most definitely NOT a ghost….'

Welcome to author B C Harris who has dropped by to tell us about their novel Conspiracy Of Cats and to give us the lowdown on one of their characters.

While we're waiting for your guest to arrive, can you tell us a little about your book?

An apprehensive Jos Ferguson travels from Edinburgh to Northern Tanzania to visit the house her Uncle Peter built before he died. But Peter isn’t as dead as he should be. No sooner has Jos unpacked, than her uncle turns up, scaring her half to death. Peter was murdered you see, and… once Jos has gotten over the shock of it all, he needs her to help him exact revenge upon his killer.

From feisty Beola Nyerere who is still keeping house after all these years, to Wendell Cooper the Australian game driver who has the hots for Jos, and the old Maasai laibon whose magic makes all the wonderful happen, there is a colourful cast of characters awaiting Jos’ arrival at the white house.

But no one has waited longer than Peter however, and, when he and Jos finally get together, they really do combine in weird and wonderful ways. From scoffing steak for breakfast, to getting too drunk to drive on various cocktails imbibed at a local hotel bar... the Jos Peter combo are making the most of what little time Peter has left.

With some subtle comedy to soothe the horrible shocks, this is a supernatural murder mystery too good to miss. A story that will transport you all the way to the wonderful sights and sounds of rural Tanzania, and keep you guessing right to the end of a cat’s tail.

Who will you be inviting for a cocktail and why?

Jos Ferguson and her dead uncle, Peter Sinclair, are pretty interchangeable these days. Even if only one of them turns up, we’d never be sure the other wasn’t there too, so we may as well invite them both.

What will they be wearing?

Jos will show up in shorts and a vest top over her flip flops. She’s aware that things can get fairly messy when Peter is part of the plan, so she won’t bother digging out her fanciest dress and heels. But her hair will be beautiful as always; long dark amber coloured waves like some story book princess. If Peter decides to show himself he’ll have on his usual faded jeans, a sky blue shirt and a battered old Tilly hat covering his long blonde hair. He was wearing this ensemble when he died and is now kinda stuck in the outfit.

What will they order from the cocktail menu?

Jos will order a Dirty Banana; it’s one of her five a day! Peter will order a margarita with a salted rim. If they stay for two, they’ll swap orders.

How will they react if the waiter spills their drink on them?

Jos is used to all kinds of dirty, sticky messes to be cleaned up when she’s with Peter, so she’ll just wave it away and tell the waiter not to worry about it… as long as she gets a replacement then no harm is done. Peter will simply wink out, a quick stop off in his Inbetween, and then pop right back with all cocktail traces vanished.

What can they tell you that will make you stay for a second drink?

Jos might tell you all about who killed Peter, but she’s also getting to grips with the Pater Sinclair Memorial part of her brain, so she might also tell you how best to invest your savings, or when is the best time to buy shares in Kodak. Peter will tell you that he’s most definitely NOT a ghost… he’ll also be wondering if there’s any food on the go, because he’s become a big fan of the triple cooked chip.

Conspiracy of Cats by B. C. Harris published by Olympia Publishers 26 Aug. 2021

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Author Bio

B C Harris is a Scot who, at the time of writing, had just finished renovating a farmhouse in France. A labour of love that began from first sight back in 2016. No sooner had the final length of flooring been laid and the last paintbrush dried, than disaster struck in the form of pandemic. France went into a strict lockdown and, with time to do more than simply daydream about writing books, a new project began to take shape.

Writing began as an escape from the fear and isolation that was soon affecting us all, and quickly flourished to become ‘Conspiracy of Cats'. The global pandemic seems to be receding now, but the passion for writing has taken root. Find out more about B C Harris online.

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